Ahad, 3 April 2011

‘Call home and push for changes’

PKR wants Sarawakians who are unable to return home for the election to make the phone call and convince their families and friends to vote for change.

KUCHING: Sarawak PKR is urging Sarawakians who are unable to return home to cast their votes to call home and encourage their family members and friends to vote for change.
Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said this was the only way the opposition could spread the word considering the mainstream media was inaccessible to them and the blogs were being closely monitored.
“Our only hope to disseminate news and information to the rural voters is through their children, the intellectual and professional people who can go back and vote.
“For those who are unable to return to Sarawak to vote, they should telephone their parents and relatives of the need to change.

“We plead to them to do just that,” said Bian.
Rural votes are ruling Barisan Nasional’s mainstay in the coming polls.
Political pundits have already written off the urban areas to opposition DAP and are returning 50:50 review in some mixed areas.
In the 2006 polls Chief Minister Taib Mahmud led BN swept 62 of the 71 seats ups for grabs.
This time round, analysts believe that BN will lose more in view of the wide ranging allegations against Taib and his cronies and the recent issue over the seizure of the Bahasa Malaysia version of the bible.
Meanwhile Bian has urged Sarawakians to be ‘alert and on guard’ for money which is freely moving around in the wake of the upcoming state election sets for April 16.
Urging people to lodge police report if they come across such moeny politics, Bian said: “We need to be on guard.
“We need to tell the people to take the money, but vote for a change, vote for Pakatan Rakyat.”

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