Rabu, 13 April 2011

Violet Hit Out At Prof Sim

Kuching: DAP candidate for Pending, Violet Yong today hit out at her opponent, Dr. Sim Kui Hian for marking his own report card.
Showing a report card which Dr. Sim claimed that 13 projects that the people requested were all done except for one that got 50 marks, Violet said it is for the people to judge, not for Dr. Sim to give him 100 marks for projects that was done even before he entered politics.
Violet said he himself signed the report card. “In any report card, it should b e signed by the teachers or in this case by the people, certainly not him,” he said.
She added that if not the Opposition that was voted in, the projects would have never been done.
Chong Chieng Jen said even Chung Hua No 2 school which was supposed to be moved as the old school was in a dilapidated state was only shifted after Sentosa was lost to the opposition. He said Dr. Sim had claimed that Violet pointed the drains and other problem infrastructure in her five years which was all talk, Chong said Sim should give the credit of the 13 projects to Violet. “It was she who highlighted the problem, not dr. Sim as he was stll then in the hospital doing a righteous thing of saving life,” he said.
He said the Prime Minister had said that he would consider a Chung Hua No 7 school for Kuching if the SUPP were to be voted in. Chong said vote the Opposition and the people would be assured of another Chinese school.

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