Ahad, 10 April 2011

Discard emotional attachment to BN, rural folks told

According to PAS, it is 'sheer stupidity' for Sarawakians to continue voting for BN.

By Priscilla Watson

BINTULU: The majority of Sarawak’s rural community have fostered a great attachment to Barisan Nasional politicians or assemblymen who have treated them well but only on intermittent basis with provision of monetary grants and projects.
PAS treasurer Dr Hatta Ramli said in the rural constituencies in Sarawak,  people had developed a sentimental attachment to their leaders.
This ‘attachment’ makes it difficult for the rural folk to reject BN leaders during the general election.
He said this ‘emotional attachment’ has masked the objectivity of the people who lived in delusion that their leaders were genuinely caring for them even if their communal lands or rights had been eroded.
“Under such delusion, the people will accept the BN’s saying that ‘Only BN can rule Sarawak.’

“I would say to the people, who keep on voting the same government into power for past 30 years in the anticipation that things will get better, the contrary. (It) is getting worse … (It) is sheer stupidity (to continue voting for BN),” said Hatta, also the Kuala Krai MP.
Hatta reminded the people of Sarawak that when Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said Sarawak was a fixed asset for BN, it actually denoted a worst insult to the intelligence of the people of Sarawak.
“Simply speaking, it means the people of Sarawak are subservient,” he remarked.
Sarawak deserves a better deal

Hatta was speaking at the DAP ceramah for Kidurong candidate Chiew Chiu Sing which was held at Open Air Food Court in Jalan Masjid here last night.
Kidurong is one of 15 seats vied by DAP in the April 16 state election.
Hatta said this election was a golden opportunity to tell Taib Mahmud and his regime to go.
He said Taib and his followers believed the whole of Sarawak belonged to them.
“It is in your hands to change the destiny of Sarawak for the better. And for this you need political will and determination to make your struggle into a reality,” emphasized Hatta.
Hatta assured once Pakatan Rakyat assumed the federal government, Sarawak would guarantee to  enjoy 20% oil royalty instead of 5% royalty it enjoyed now under the BN government.
“Sarawak deserves to get a better deal than what it is having now,” concluded Hatta.
PAS is contesting in five constituencies. It will be fielding its candidates in Beting Maro, Sebuyau, Sadong Jaya, Muara Tuan and Tanjong Datu.
This is PAS’ second stab at the state polls. In 2006 it unsuccessfully contested in three seats.

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