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Najib condemns Anwar’s purported sex tape, but is mum on Taib’s bomohs

Najib condemns Anwar’s purported sex tape, but is mum on Taib’s bomohs Prime Minister Najib Razak has condemned Pakatan Rakyat for opposing the RCI on the sex video purporting to implicate Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. If extramarital sex and indulging in black magic are both haram in Islam, why then has Najib refused to admonish Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud and his alleged links with black magic.
Balingian independent candidate Salleh Jafaruddin had criticised Taib for surrendering his mental, physical and spiritual faculties to “foreign witchcraft”. Salleh described Taib as a “semi-insane leader” and that “foreign witches are currently encircling him and his closely guarded political cronies”.
Salleh said, “I personally met and confronted the three witches on the day of nomination in Mukah.”

Days earlier, Najib said that he was keen to set up the RCI to investigate the sex video which purportedly featured Anwar. He blamed Pakatan for being inconsistent in its principles: “If you look in the past, when a controversial incident occurs, Pakatan Rakyat's first reaction is to demand that an inquiry be set up. In this case, it looks like they are not consistent.”
Perhaps it is Najib who is inconsistent with his condemnations.
Salleh and Taib are former chief minister Rahman Yaakob’s nephews. Salleh fell out of favour in the 1980s when he became involved in a bid to topple Taib in the well-known “Ming Court” affair. Up till that incident, Salleh had been tipped to take over and lead Taib’s PBB party. Since then, Salleh and other PBB leaders, have become Taib’s sworn enemies.
Salleh had revealed his horror at Taib’s involvement with the bomohs.
He said, “Not many souls know this inside story until the surprise incident that took place on the nomination day in Mukah.  The extent of their wicked influence over Taib’s political grip is beyond repair to the extent of even ignoring our prime minister’s political influence.”
The devotion to black magic seriously undermines Taib Mahmud’s claims to be a progressive force in Sarawak.  It is even more damaging because of his carefully cultivated reputation as a devout Muslim.
The Muslim faith strictly bans any consultation of these pre-Islamic practitioners of magic and dark arts, who are considered to be bad and dangerous. The majority Christian population of Sarawak will be equally dismayed for similar reasons.
The Islamic faith recognises the existence of such evil spirits like djins, however it forbids attempting to make contact with them.
Last November, Taib returned from a pilgrimage to Mecca and said he had received an inspiration on when to call the next state elections.
“I have the inspiration, but I won't tell you (the date),” he said at the Hornbill Skyways Hangar.
According to insiders, Taib’s alleged practice of consulting the bomohs has been a carefully guarded secret among his entourage for many years.
“He will always consult the bomoh before he makes an important decision, like which minister to hire or fire, or which investments to make”, one senior politician has confided.
Another member of the inner circle, linked closely to the family, also described how one particular bomoh had a ‘Rasputin-like’ hold over the superstitious Chief Minister for many years.  This bomoh died two years ago, shortly after the death of Taib’s first wife Laila. Ever since then, Taib has been through a succession of bomohs, as none have been as powerful and as effective.
Do we really want our heads of state to consult a bomoh for their every move? Aren’t they supposed to uphold the tenets of the religion?
Why is it that Jakim and the various religious departments are mute when BN ministers engage shamans to summon demonic forces and use black magic in their quest to hold on to power?
And yet Jakim is delirious when it comes to insignificant matters like yoga, poco-poco dancing, valentine’s day and wearing Manchester United football jerseys because according to the warped understand of these mullahs, these things preach Christian values, Hindu chants or encourage devil worshipping.
It appears that Jakim and Najib are inconsistent with their views on what constitutes good Islamic practices.
It has been 18 years since bomoh Mona Fandey murdered an ambitious Umno ADUN before cutting him up into 18 pieces.
During the 65-day trial, Malaysians learnt of the victim’s political ambitions that led him to Mona who promised to fulfil his wildest dreams for RM2.5mil.
Mazlan, Umno’s Batu Talam assemblyman, was not Mona’s only client.  Mona’s other clients were mostly from the upper-class society and she told the court, she provided charms and talismans to her politician clients, many of whom were in Umno.
Mazlan was convinced that Mona made him “invincible”. Mazlan was not some uneducated bumpkin but trained in the USA. He sought the help of witchcraft because he was greedy and he had fierce political ambitions.
Does it sound familiar?
So why won’t Najib condemn the politicians who indulge in black magic?

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