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Has the MACC opened any file on Taib at all?

Has the MACC opened any file on Taib at all?There have been many reports against Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud in regard to his alleged corruption and plundering of the state's wealth.  And yet to this day, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission has kept silent on this. No action is forthcoming from them. Why are they keeping silent? Who instructed them to keep silent? Has Taib's file been archived under the label of 'No Further Action'?

The world is keenly watching the Sarawak polls.  It is a known fact that Taib is a multi-billionaire and one of the world's richest men.

Now - more so than ever - there is a need to expose Taib's wrongdoings.  Prime Minister Najib Razak, in relation to the MACC investigating the money-laundering activities of the Customs Department has said that "we must remember that the MACC is doing this to safeguard national funds.  Corruption is serious and if we can stop this racket, which has been ongoing for years, then it is the rakyat who will benefit."

Noble words, wise words indeed. But what about Taib?

Malaysia Chronicle spoke to Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, the PAS MP for Kuala Selangor for his views on the MACC's 'selective persecution'.

"Deafeaning silence indicative of selective prosecution is the order of the day. MACC has lost any little respect left for themselves by showing their penchant for selective prosecution when all writings and reports about Taib are only too telling," said the PAS strategist.
Still not enough wealth for Taib
Anti-Taib website Sarawak Report has drawn up a mammoth list of his misdeeds since he became Chief Minister of Sarawak 30 years ago.  A non-governmental organisation, Bruno Manser Fund had in February this year released a list of 49 companies worldwide which are allegedly linked to Taib.

His wealth empire is certainly extensive, yet he is still in the process of amassing more wealth.

"But Taib, now or later, shall be the epicentre for the tsunami that will befall BN in the Land of the Hornbill as he has been ruling with absolute impunity for decades," said Dr Dzulkefly.

Overall, the MACC is only adept at catching the ikan bilis or small fry, said Dzulkefly, adding that Pakatan Rakyat MPs have always highlighted this fact in Parliament.

DAP's S Kulasegaran, MP for Ipoh Barat urged MACC to learn from its Hong Kong and Singapore counterparts on how to be impartial, professional and thorough in their investigation and prosecution.
"MACC is blind to the faults of BN politicians and their cronies," Kula told Malaysia Chronicle.
Corruption has overtaken Malaysian culture
So far, the MACC has lost respect in the eyes of the public due to its penchant for not being objective. 

Dr Michael Jeyakumar, PSM MP for Sungei Siput, is of the view that if a Pakatan elected representative or politican or those connected with Pakatan is suspected of doing something wrong, the MACC will come down very hard and very fast on that person. 

"But if the culprit is from BN, then they drag their feet and perhaps no action at all," Dr Michael told Malaysia Chronicle.

In the case of Taib Mahmud, it involves massive corruption and yet no action is taken by MACC, said the PSM leader, so perhaps they have not even opened a file on Taib.
"This clearly shows that MACC is politically driven as there are no checks and balances on MACC, which reports directly to the Prime Minister and not to Parliament," said Dr Michael.

"If the BN Government is not toppled in the 13th General Election, our people will start to believe that massive corrupt practices are the norm of the day and it will be business as usual for the BN government while the ordinary people will be left to suffer the repercussions."

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