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Show ‘tedious old fool’ the exit

The mainstream media which are writing off Pakatan Rakyat as not having 'a rat's ass of a chance' in Sarawak are doing so at their own peril, notes a former Umno assemblyman.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is campaigning intensely in Sarawak. He wants to reduce the value of the Najib Tun Razak’s “fixed deposit” and seems to be unfazed by the allegations of his “sexcapes”.
In fact, Anwar isn’t bothered at all. He’s just focused on kicking this government out and is zeroing in on Sarawak.
So, if Umno doesn’t show that it is bothered by the sex video, then it is dancing to Anwar’s tune.
As such, Umno and the Najib administration must bother.
To hear it from the mainstream paper boys, they write as if Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar don’t have a rat’s ass of a chance.
Well, they write so at their own peril.
There are so many issues in the Sarawak election.

Topping it is the issue of the management of the state under the leadership of “pek moh” Taib Mahmud. What has Taib become?
He may have become a Polonius – the character in Hamlet who is a busy-body, who is accordingly officious, garrulous, and impertinent.
In Act II, Hamlet refers to Polonius as a “tedious old fool”. Taib has become that, after 30 years of unchallenged rule that has bred insensitivity and arrogance of the highest level.
Unbridled corruption
Even after 30 years of rule, the majority of the people in Sarawak must be wondering, where has the state’s wealth gone to?
The answer, it has gone mostly to Taib and his gang.
Sarawak has become a byword of unbridled corruption. This is the main issue in Sarawak.
People of Sarawak must now read through Taib’s promises of better development and better welfare as not inspired by a desire to really improve the welfare of the people.
The people of Sarawak must now know that Taib is driven by a desire to perpetuate his hold on power and that of a dynasty he intends to leave behind.
Why doesn’t he quit now before the election? Because he wants to put in place his grand plan.
Who is to succeed him? He wants to fish out his sons to become his successor or an outsider, who can be counted on to look after his vast interests.
We don’t have to come out with the list of pillage and plunder. The people simply know, it’s happening on a grand scale.
The telltale signs of corruption, pillage, theft and larceny of the state’s wealth have been extensively documented. And the exposé about Taib family’s fabulous wealth, lavish parties, palatial homes all over the world, monopolistic business practices, decadent living and so forth.

Tasteless and insensitive

While the majority languished in rudimentary-appointed longhouses and hovels, the elite and the rich entertained themselves in the most decadent of lifestyles.
None more tasteless and insensitive than the marriage of Taib’s niece on a luxury yacht.
I think the people of Sarawak do no have to think twice in kicking out these modern-day Marie Antoinettes and the freeloaders on board the luxury yacht on that day.
The people of Sarawak have no other choice but to kick out all the corrupt politicians. Don’t bother even if the party is backed by Umno or the BN.
We simply can’t allow a corrupt regime to prolong.
If Umno continues to support Taib’s administration, it places itself on the side of the corrupt, the pillagers and the plunderers of the state’s wealth.
It simply stands on the side of the people’s enemy.
I am writing this article for the people of Sarawak in mind. I believe there will be many changes this time around.
Taib and his coalition will lose a majority of the urban seats. These seats will be won mainly by the DAP.

Dayak will

I think the BN leadership has underestimated the will of the Dayaks whom they think are easily taken in by the usual talk of development.
From what I hear, the Dayaks on the whole are resolute in wanting to kick out Taib.
If the Najib administration is serious in wanting to bolster its credibility with the people of Sarawak and show it is one with them, then Najib as the BN leader must ask Taib, Alfred Jabu and George Chan to leave.
All have chosen themselves to stand for re-election.
Chan announced he was leaving politics during the last state election and he didn’t.
Taib too promised to leave, but as soon as the prime minister and his deputy left Sarawak, he announced that he will leave on his own time and terms.
The people of Sarawak must help him decide by kicking him out.
Bring in new faces – winnable, clean and uncorrupted.
Forget the fallacy of thinking Sarawak can’t be governed without people like Taib.
It’s not like Sarawak is going to die if Taib is not CM and I think it’s time Sarawak has a Dayak as CM.
(The is an excerpt which first appeared on sakmongkolak47 blogsite.)

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