Isnin, 4 April 2011

More Land Title Bribes

YB Peter Nansian (who has been dubbed the Contract King, because of all the contracts he has received from his own BN State Government), presided over a major election bribery session on April 1st. He handed out 196 Land Titles to electors in Bau in his constituency. Many of them had been waiting for years and had pleaded for their lands to be recognised, but gosh, BN decided to do it just before an election - at a time when they are not even in government and therefore do not have the right to make such decisions! BN also announced, again during this time when the government has dissolved (meaning they do not have the right to make such decisions at the moment) that they will at last bring clean water to 8 villages in Sarikei.....
but why have these villages had to wait till now for this water? Peter Nansian their local BN YB (at least until the election) is very very rich himself, because of all those contracts from the government. He could afforded to clean the water himself, but he instead said: "We try to give whatever this Government can afford to give from time to time!.... our track record is there!" You bet your track record is there for all to see! Remember that Peter Nansian was making these promises at a time when BN Ministers no longer have their positions and are therefore not empowered to make such announcements. He also made them on April 1st. Maybe it was just an April Fool for his poor electors? Given that track record he mentioned the likilhood is there

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