Ahad, 27 Mac 2011

PAS Dream To Change Government Of Sarawak

                                Salahuddin Receiving A Mementos From Saimon (left)

BINTULU: PAS Vice President Salahuddin Ayub said change was possible and it was not an unattainable dream to change the government of Sarawak.
He said the people’s power could change a country and Pakatan Rakyat to attain victory in Sarawak was not an impossible dream.
“the whoel world is changing; the environment the politics are also undergoing changes. Who can ever dream of Obama to become the first Black President of USA,” he said.
Sallahuddin also cited Johor had been the strong fortress of UNMO for the past 50 years . But in 2008 General Election, PAS succeeded to win two State seats in Johor.
Salahuddin who is Member of Parliament for Kubang Kerian said this at the’ Hi-Tea With PAS’ organised by PAS Bintulu Branch held at a local hotel this afternoon.
He was confident that members of the various political parties within Pakatan Rajyat co-ordination would be able to achieve victory in the coming general election vof Sarawak.
He also called on voters to support the Pakatan Rakyat candidates to change the fate of Sarawak.
Salahuddin also criticized the recent questionable” pornographic video depicting “Anwar’ had sexual intercourse with a woman connoted political motives, and tried to provoke people, especially voters’ sentiment.
He said that playing in public sex video was a criminal offense; and Prime Minister Datuk Seri MOhd Najib Tun Razak as the leader of the country should not turn a blind eye on the matter as it would tarnish the reputation of the country.
Salahuddin said that playing of the video tape also led to unhealthy and immoral culture.
“PAS adherence to a clean, gentlemanly campaign; it will not make an attack against individual behavior and such act is dirty and stupid,” he stressed.
He said to bring about change in Sarawak, he advised the members of PK to make use of networking via internet to reach out to the voters.
Also present were State Assemblyman for Titi Serong Khalil Idham Lim, Head of Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS, Hu Phang Chaw and Chairman of PAS Bintulu, Saimon Zainua and representative from PKR and DAP Bintulu.

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