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The horror if BN loses in Sarawak

The horror if BN loses in SarawakA-LOOK-AHEAD As the sun sets over the horizon and the dust begins to settle, the results of the Sarawak Election begins to trickle in. And much to the horror of BN, hitting with the impact of a bombshell, the realisation that the people of Sarawak have finally rejected the once-mighty BN.
No, there is no doubt about it. Recount as much as you like but the Pakatan Rakyat coalition has managed to secure a sensational win in Sarawak. Against all odds, the people of Sarawak have spoken. Change is unavoidable. Another Tsunami has landed.
And as the drama unfolds, frantic activity begins to take place in Kuching in the still warm night, while other parts of Sarawak are drenching in rain showers washing away the sins of past regimes. As the result begin to sink in, visibly shocked Sarawakians takes to the streets, with shouts of joy and laughter. Knowing that it is all over, there will be dancing in the streets, as people start to celebrate the end of draconian rule. Finally, Sarawakians have beaten the odds and a new era is dawning upon them.

On the other end, the losing coalition is frantically gathering evidence for destruction. Documents are shoved into overworked shredders, while lorry-loads of criminal evidence are shipped out overnight. Any documents that may leave a trail of evidence will not be left behind.
And as a new dawn emerges, Sarawakians wake up to a new era, unable to hide their genuine smile, grinning all over as the unseen shackles collapse. Milk and honey begin to flow again. A new hope and a new beginning is felt among the populace. Finally, there is a reason to exist again.
As PR starts to take over the administration of the state, Sarawak begins its healing process, both physically, mentally and spriritually. As the old Masters start to pack up and disappear with their tails between their legs, the once-enslaved masses look on in incredulity at their new found freedom. For once in their weary existence, they are now masters of their own fate, and it is up to them to shape their destiny.
PR’s chief aim is to start developing the vast natural resources, tapping into the pool of human resources that will lead this State to prosperity. The 'leftover' BN opposition MPs begin to ponder their fate and mourn their losses, and the big question hanging on their heads is whether to stick on or evolve into amphibians.
Overnight, many Ibans may turn millionaires as their NCR lands are returned to them, and the spillover of wealth will start to stimulate and heal the economy of Sarawak. As the hoarded billions of ringgit are prevented from exiting Sarawak, it will be used as a stimulus to flood Sarawak with opportunities and wealth. Flushed with new funds for development, Sarawak’s economy will steam ahead, knocking down all the obstacles of poverty and graft. As the potholed roads are filled in, people’s optimism begin to stir and soar to new heights.
Archaic laws that were made to enslave the people will be dismantled one by one, enabling Sarawak to venture where no one has gone before. With a new sense of freedom, Sarawakians will venture forth to attain their long lost dreams.
From space, a satellite image will show Sarawak -  a big blob of land mass nearly the size of the peninsula and glued to the Borneo subcontinent will appear, green amidst the vast blotches of brown from Taib's deforestation and surrounded by a deep blue sea - starting to heal itself. Whistle-blowers will ensure that pollution from giant oil mills and factories cease their persistent pollution and illegal run offs.
Not only the environment will heal but so will the people and its fauna and flora. The animals and birds will have fresher air and water to breed and the flora will start to flourish again. Sarawak, which is famous for its 180 million year old rainforests will once again be a botanical paradise where many of its exotic species will be extracted for medical and pharmaceutical drugs.
Billions of ringgit will be pumped into the economy to ensure Sarawak becomes a UTOPIA. The youth in the rural areas will be identified, and trained in new skills to be released into the job market created to spur the economy. Suddenly, everyone will be showered by new found wealth.
With the introduction of the CAT administration (competency, accountability and transparency) the state will transformed into the league of Penang and Selangor. This will translate into widespread development and clean administration for the people of Sarawak. Freedom of expression, freedom of religion and freedom to congregate will ensure Sarawak becomes one of the most democratic states in the world. Democracy will prevail, and everyone will enjoy equal rights. PR in its quest to increase the market share will recruit the poor in its programmes, and none will be left out.
Top of the list will be basic infrastructure – electricity, water and access roads into the interior. Later comes Internet connectivity via satellite communications. And suddenly Sarawak is a modern, pulsating state, standing on par with the rest of the world.
Scholars, Poets, Deep Thinkers, Educationists, Socialists, Aristocrats, Artistes, Composers and Architects of Modern Thought will one day be born from the sons of Sarawak. Everyone will have access to pristine Green Forests, Crystal Clear Rivers, Birds and Butterflies and the occasional Hornbill reminding us of UBAH in Recreation Areas.
The working class will be equally represented by the various indigenous tribes. The Iban Dayaks, Melanau, Orang Ulu, Bidayuh, Malay and Chinese and their ethnic cultures will forever be etched in the History of Sarawak.
Tourism will reach a new High, bringing in more tourist dollars and Sarawak will be top choice for Eco-Tourism in the world.
With the exodus of former leaders due to fear of prosecution, common criminals, illegal settlers and unwanted colonizers, Sarawakians will once again enjoy a cleaner, crime-free environment. Illegal migrants without skills or papers would be deported leaving an abundance of jobs
Music and the Fine Arts will proliferate, and Kuching will be dotted with galleries showcasing raw talent. It will continue to grow and one day it will be akin to be another fine example of Switzerland. With its land mass, oil deposits, timber and other natural resources, Sarawak will go on to overtake Penang and Selangor to be the most prosperous state in the Federation.
Peace and Prosperity, will finally reign in Sarawak. Without the Economic Pirates, Political Looters, and Colonial masters to pillage and plunder Sarawak’s wealth, Sarawak will ultimately reach UTOPIA status. It will also be an example for the rest of the Malaysian States to follow.
Sarawak has always been a utopia and still is a utopia now, only sadly, it has been mismanaged all these years. Sarawakians can change all that, as long as they can learn to say NO.
God will continue to bless the earth, its people, its hornbills, and everyone will live happily ever after.     - Malaysia Chronicle

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  1. If BN loses, I'll be bloody overjoyed, thank you!

    And why not?

    We can put Taib in chains in case he runs away to Timbuktu.

    Then we might be tempted to stone the devil! ;)

    What it does seriously meaan, is for Sarawakians to get their act together and begin anew. Then we can own our future, not share Taib's fultile future!

    Plenty to do. Really plenty ...why? PBB and Taib were not doing anything for the Rakyat. He was busy with himself. The man has an ego as big as Jupiter. Mebbe we send him there for size! :))