Selasa, 12 April 2011

‘Rakyat fearful of instruments of repression’

Sarawakians must put their greatest weapon, which is their individual votes, to good use.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud has a huge war chest with billions of ringgit and along with this he has the threat of coercive tactics.
The rakyat are fearful of the instruments of repression.
The presence of army personnel or police near and around long houses are sufficient to induce pliant behavior.
But let the people of Sarawak be reminded – you have the greatest weapon of all – YOUR VOTE.
You also have the law on your side.
Sarawakians must celebrate the victory of the 640 villagers from Kuala Nyalau and Ulu Nyalau who were awarded RM66.75 million by the Bintulu High Court recently.
The laws can’t be twisted forever by the powerful oligarchy – for that is what the Sarawak government has become.

It’s no longer a party for the people. It’s a party for the elite and the rich.
The people of Kuala Nyalau and Ulu Nyalau are just common people, driven by the desire to correct an injustice.
Sarawakians have only to focus on this mission – to correct the injustices brought upon them by Taib’s government.
They have nothing to lose excerpt a Taib’s brutish rule.
The people of Kuala and Ulu Nyalau fought for a 13-year-long legal battle with the state government.
What did it show? Victory is possible.
Learn from the examples of ordinary villagers Amit Salleh, Bak Drahman, Sapuan Abdullah and Chapon anak Banyai who on behalf of  636 other villagers sued the superindent of the Land and Survey Department, Bintulu, the Minister of Planning and Resource Management and the state government of Sarawak for seizing their native custmary land in 1998 for the purpose of constructing an aluminium smelting plant.

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